Basic Information

Administrative Position:教授 Professional Title:Professor
Degree:Doctoral degree

Personal Information

Alma Mater:北京大学
Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
Business Address:物理大楼北楼544
Contact Information:010-62767184


Our group enrolls a Ph.D student every year from Summer Camp of School of Physics for excellent undergraduates (see web). Welcome undergraduates majoring in meteorology or others, especially physics & mathematics, to join us. You may contact Professor Fu.

Our group plans to enroll a postdoctor, relating to time series analysis of meteorology and climatology, climate network research. Welcome Ph.D with well relevant research to join us. You may contact Professor Fu.

Educational Experience

[1] 1995.9-1999.7
Peking University | 地球物理学系气象学专业 | 理学博士 | Doctoral Degree in Science
[2] 1990.9-1995.7
Peking University | 地球物理学系固体地球物理专业 | 理学学士 | Bachelor's Degree in Science

Work Experience

[1] 2010.8-Now
 Peking University 
[2] 2005.4-Now
[3] 2002.8-2010.7
 Peking University 
[4] 2000.1-2010.11
 Peking University 

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