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Name of Research Group:凝聚态计算物理
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Degree:Doctoral degree


School/Department:Institute of Condensed Matter Physics and Material Physics



Dr. Jing Lu “Hanjiang Scholars" Distinguished Professor. New Century Talent of The Ministry of Education of China. Zhong Chengbiao Teachers Scientific Research Prize Winner, Peking University. Tel:62754105,62755701.Fax: 62751615

  • Educational Experience
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[1]  1986.9 to 1990.7
北京大学  | Bachelor's Degree in Science  | University graduated
[2]  1992.9 to 1997.7
Peking University  | 凝聚态物理  | Doctoral degree  | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

[1]   2017.1  to  2018.12
陕西理工大学  | 汉江学者计划特聘教授
[2]   1997.9  to  1999.12
Institute of Applied Physics and Postdoctoral researcher Computational Mathematics, China  | Postdoctoral researcher
导师: 张信威 院士, 赵宪庚院士(十三届全国人大资源委员会副主任委员,十八届中央委员会委员,中国工程院副院长,中国工程物理院院长) 
[3]   2001.9  to  2003.7
Department of Theoretical Studies, Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki 444-8585, Japan  | JSPS postdoctoral fellow
[4]   2016.8  to  2017.7
Department of Physics, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA  | Visiting associate professor

Research Focus


[1]  Our team is committed to using the Green's function method to study the quantum control, enhanced quasiparticle effect and exciton effect, valley electronics, spin orbit coupling, topology in low dimensional systems (represented by graphene, silicon, MoS2). Using these low dimensional materials, we hope to design nano electronic devices (such as field effect tube, tunneling field effect tube, valley devices), nano optoelectronic devices and spin electronics (spin spin valve, filter, spin field effect tube) to continue Moore's law at sub-10 nanometers. Current Interests: 1. Performance limits of two-dimensional transistors. 2. Electrical contact of two-dimensional materials. 3. Lithium-ion batteries. 4. Photoelectric device

Social Affiliations


[1]   Distinguished Professor of Hanjiang Scholars Program, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology