Yinan Wang
Assistant Professor


Date of Birth:1992-03-12

Alma Mater:Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)


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Current position: Yinan Wang

Supersymmetric quantum field theory


We are interested in the classification and study of supersymmetric quantum field theories in a geometric framework. Starting from high-dimensional superstring/M-theory and putting them on specific non-compact geometric spaces, a large set of supersymmetric (superconformal) field theories can be constructed and their physical data can be computed geometrically. For example, 11d M-theory on complex threefold singularities gives rise to 5d N=1 superconformal field theories with non-trivial global symmetry. We hope to expand the existing classification of 5d N=1 theories and also proceed to lower dimensional cases.


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