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 Publication 2017

** XIAOXIAO SUN, XINQIANG WANG*, PING WANG , BOWEN SHENG, MO LI, JUAN SU, JIAN ZHANG, FANG LIU , XIN RONG, FUJUN XU, XUELIN YANG, HIXIN QIN, WEIKUN GE AND BO SHEN , "Identifying a doping type of semiconductor nanowires by photoassisted kelvin probe force microscopy as exemplified for GaN nanowires” ---- OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRES (Vol. 7, No. 3 | 1 Mar 2017 | OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS 907)".

** Dingyu Ma, Xin Rong, Xiantong Zheng, Weiying Wang,Ping Wang, Tobias Schulz, Martin Albrecht, Sebastian Metzner, Mathias Müller, Olga August, Frank Bertram, Jürgen Christen, Peng Jin, Mo Li, Jian Zhang, Xuelin Yang, Fujun Xu, Zhixin Qin, Weikun Ge, Bo Shen, Xinqiang Wang, “Exciton emission of quasi-2D InGaN in GaN matrix grown by molecular beam epitaxy” ---- Scientific RepoRts | 7:46420 | DOI: 10.1038/srep46420”.

** Ping Wang, Xinqiang Wang,* Tao Wang, Chih-Shan Tan, Bowen Sheng, Xiaoxiao Sun, Mo Li, Xin Rong, Xiantong Zheng, Zhaoying Chen, Xuelin Yang, Fujun Xu, Zhixin Qin,Jian Zhang, Xixiang Zhang,* and Bo Shen*, “Lattice-Symmetry-Driven Epitaxy of Hierarchical GaN Nanotripods”---- Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017, 27, 1604854.

 Publication 2016

** Zhaoying Chen, Xiantong Zheng, Zhilong Li, Ping Wang, Xin Rong, Tao Wang, Xuelin Yang, Fujun Xu, Zhixin Qin, Weikun Ge, Bo Shen, and Xinqiang Wang, ”Positive temperature coefficient of photovoltaic efficiency in solar cells based on InGaN/GaN MQWs” ---- APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS (DOI: 10.1063/1.4960765)”.

** X.Rong, X.Q. Wang,* S.V. Ivanov, X.H. Jiang, G. Chen et al. “High-Output-Power Ultraviolet Light Source from Quasi-2D GaN Quantum Structure” ---- Advanced Materials (DOI: 10.1002/adma.201600990)”.

** X. Rong, X. Q. Wang,* G. Chen, J. H. Pan, P. Wang, H. P. Liu, F. J. Xu, P. H. Tan and B. Shen*. “Residual stress in AlN films grown on sapphire substrates by molecular beam epitaxy” ----Superlattice Microst. 93, 27 (2016)

** X.T. Zheng, L. Guo, H. Liang, P. Wang, S. Wang, T. Wang, X. Rong, B. Sheng, X. Yang, F. Xu, Z. Qin, B. Shen and X. Wang, “Photoconductivity in InxGa1-xN epilayers” ---- Optical Materials Express 6, 3, 815-822 (2016).

** P. Wang, Y. Yuan, C. Zhao, X. Wang, X. Zheng, X. Rong, T. Wang, B. Sheng, Q. Wang*, Y. Zhang, L. Bian, X. Yang, F. Xu, Z. Qin, X. Li, X. Zhang, and Bo Shen, “Lattice-Polarity-Driven Epitaxy of Hexagonal Semiconductor Nanowires”---- Nano Lett. 16 1328 −1334 (2016).

 Publication 2015

** G. Chen, X. Q. Wang,* X. Rong, P. Wang, F. J. Xu, N. Tang, Z. X. Qin, Y. H. Chen and B. Shen*.“Intersubband transition in GaN/InGaN multiple quantum wells” ----Sci. Rep. 5, 11485 (2015)

** Xin. Rong,X. Q. Wang*, G Chen, X.T.Zheng,P Wang,F.J.Xu, Z. X. Qin, N. Tang, Y. H. Chen, L. W. Sang,M. Sumiya,W. K. Ge and Bo Shen*.“Mid-infrared Photoconductive Response in AlGaN/GaN Step Quantum Wells”---- Sci. Rep. 5, 14386 (2015)

** L. Sang, X.L. Yang, J.P. Cheng, L.F. Jia, Z. He, L. Guo, A. Hu, Y. Xiang, T.J. Yu, M.J. Wang, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, X.Q. Wang*, W.K. Ke, and B. Shen "Hysteresis phenomena of the two dimensional electron gas density in lattice-matched InAlN/GaN heterostructures",----Applied Physics Letters 107, 052102 (2015).

** C.G. He, Z.X. Qin, F.J. Xu, M.J. Hou, S. Zhang, L.S. Zhang, X.Q. Wang, W.K. Ge and B. Shen"Free and bound excitonic effects in Al0.5Ga0.5N/Al0.35Ga0.65N MQWs with different Si-doping levels in the well layers"----Scientific Reports 5: 13046 (2015)

** 王新强*,王平,刘世韬,郑显通,马定宇,沈波, "全In组分可调InGaN的分子束外延生长 (综述)",----中国科学,45, 3, 067301 (2015)

** I. Yonenaga, Y. Ohkubo, M. Deura, K. Kutsukake, Y. Tokumoto, Y. Ohno, A. Yoshikawa and X.Q. Wang "Elastic properties of indium nitrides grown on sapphire substrates determined by nano-identation:In comparison with other nitrides",----AIP Advances 5:077131 (2015)

** S. Khromov, P.O.A. Persson, X. Wang, A. Yoshikawa, B. Monemar, J. Rosen, E. Janzen, and V. Darakchieva"Correlation between switching to n-type conductivity and structural defects in highly Mg-doped InN"----Applied Physics Letters 106, 232102 (2015).

** J.P. Cheng, X.L. Yang, L. Sang, L. Guo, A. Hu, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, X.Q. Wang and B. Shen "High mobility AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown on Si substrates using a large lattice-mismatch induced stress control technology",----Applied Physics Letters 106, 142106 (2015).

** X. He, N. Tang, X.X. Sun, L. Gan, F. Ke, T. Wang, F.J. Xu, X.Q. Wang, X.L. Yang, W.K. Ge and B. Shen "Tuning the graphene work function by uniaxial strain"----Applied Physics Letters 106, 043106 (2015).

 Publication 2014

** H.T. Yuan*, X.Q. Wang*, B. Lian*, H.J. Zhang, X.F. Fang, B. Shen, G.Xu, Y. Xu, S.C. Zhang, H.Y. Hwang and Y. Cui, “Generation and electric control of spin-valley-coupled circular photogalvanic current in WSe2 ”---- Nature Nanotechnology 9(10): 851-857 (2014) (ǂ equal contribution)

** G. Chen, X.Q. Wang*, K. Fu, X. Rong, H. Hashimoto, B.S. Zhang, F.J. Xu, N. Tang,A. Yoshikawa, W.K. Ge, B. Shen, “Multi-bands photoconductive response in AlGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells”----Applied Physics Letters 104, 172108 (2014).

** L. Guo, X.Q. Wang*, X.T. Zheng, X.L. Yang, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, L.W. Lu, W.K. Ge, B. Shen, L.H. Dmowski, and T. Suski "Revealing of the transition from n- to p-type conduction of InN:Mg by photoconductivity effect measurement"---- Scientific Reports,4, 4371,(2014)

** He, Xin; Gao, Li; Tang, Ning; Duan, Junxi; Xu, Fujun; Wang, Xinqiang; Yang, Xuelin; Ge, Weikun; Shen, Bo "Shear strain induced modulation to the transport properties of graphene" ----Applied Physics Letters 105(8): 083108 (2014)

** He, Xin; Gao, Li; Tang, Ning; Duan, Junxi; Mei, Fuhong; Meng, Hu; Lu, Fangchao; Xu, Fujun; Wang, Xinqiang; Yang, Xuelin; Ge, Weikun; Shen, Bo "Electronic properties of polycrystalline graphene under large local strain" ----Applied Physics Letters 104(24): 243108 (2014)

** Hou, Mengjun; Qin, Zhixin; He, Chenguang; Cai, Jun'an; Wang, Xinqiang; Shen, Bo; "Effect of injection current on the optical polarization of AlGaN-based ultraviolet light-emitting diodes" ----Optics Express 22(16) (2014)

** X. He, N. Tang, L. Gao, J. Duan, YW. Zhang, F.C. Lu, F.J. Xu, X.Q. Wang, X.L. Yang, W.K. Ge, B. Shen "Formation of p-n-p junction with ionic liquid gate in graphene" ----Applied Physics Letters 104, 143102 (2014).

** L.H. Dmowski, M. Baj, X.Q. Wang, X.T. Zheng, D.Y. Ma, L. Konczewicz, and T. Suski "Advantage of In- over N-polarity for disclosure of p-type conduction in InN:Mg" ----Journal of Applied Physics 115, 173704 (2014).

** G.Y. Zhang, B. Shen, Z.Z. Chen, X.D. Hu, Z.X. Qin, X.Q. Wang, J.J. Wu, T.J. Yu, X.N. Kang, X.X. Fu, W. Yang, Z.J. Yang and Z.Z. Gan "GaN-based substrates and optoelectronic materials and devices" ----Chinese Science Bulletin 59, 1201-1208 (2014).

** J.X. Duan, N. Tang, X. He, Y. Yan, S. Zhang, X.D. Qin, X.Q. Wang, X.L, Yang, F.J. Xu, Y.H. Chen, W.K. Ge and B. Shen "Identification of Helicity-Dependent Photocurrents from Topological Surface States in Bi2Se3 Gated by Ionic Liquid" ----Scientific Reports 4, 4889 (2014).

** S.F. Fan, Z.X. Qin, C.G. He, X.Q. Wang, B. Shen, G.Y. Zhang "Strain effect on the optical polarization properties of c-plane Al0.26Ga0.74N superlattices" ----Optics Express 22, 6322-6328 (2014).

** C.P. Jiang, Z.P. Sui, K. Xu, X.H. Zheng, L. Liu, J.C. Zhang, X.Q. Wang, B. Shen "Temperature-related features on the Ga/N faces of a free-standing HVPE GaN" ----Optical Materials Express 4, 553-558 (2014).

** G.B.Wang, G.Z. Zhao, X.T. Zheng, P. Wang, G. Chen, X. Rong, and X.Q. Wang* "Growth of a-plane InN film and Its THz emission" ----Chinese Physics Letters 31, 077202 (2014).

** Huang Cheng-Cheng; Zhang Xia; Xu Fu-Jun; Xu Zheng-Yu; Chen Guang; Yang Zhi-Jian; Tang Ning; Wang Xin-Qiang; Shen Bo "Epitaxial evolution on buried cracks in a strain-controlled AlN/GaN superlattice interlayer between AlGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells and a GaN template" ----Chin. Phys. B 23(10): 106106 (2014)

** Wang, Jiaming; Xu, Fujun; Zhang, Xia; An, Wei; Li, Xin-Zheng; Song, Jie; Ge, Weikun; Tian, Guangshan; Lu, Jing; Wang, Xinqiang; Tang, Ning; Yang, Zhijian; Li, Wei; Wang, Weiying; Jin, Peng; Chen, Yonghai; Shen, Bo "Evidence of Type-II Band Alignment in III-nitride Semiconductors: Experimental and theoretical investigation for In0.17Al0.83N/GaN heterostructures" ----Scientific Reports 4: 6521 (2014)

** T. Suski, T. Schulz, M. Albrecht, X.Q. Wang, I. Gorczyca, K. Skrobas, N.E. Christensen and A. Svane "The discrepancies between theory and experiment in the optical emission of monolayer In(Ga)N quantum wells revisited by transmission electron microscopy" ----Applied Physics Letters 104, 182103 (2014).

 Publication 2013

** C.M. Yin, H.T. Yuan, X.Q. Wang*, S.T. Liu, S. Zhang, N. Tang, F.J. Xu, Z.Y. Chen, H.Shimotani, Y. Iwasa, Y. Chen, W.K. Ge, and B. Shen "Tunable surface electron spin splitting with electric double-layer transistors based on InN"----Nano. Letters 13, 2024 (2013).

** G. Chen, Z.L. Li, X.Q. Wang*, C.C. Huang, X. Rong, L.W.Sang, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, Z.X. Qin, M. Sumiya, Y.H. Chen, W.K. Ge, and B. Shen "Effect of polarization on intersubband transition in AlGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells"---- Applied Physics Letters 102, 192109 (2013).

** L. Guo, X.Q. Wang*, L. Feng, X. Zheng, G. Chen, X.L. Yang, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, L. Lu, W.K. Ge and B. Shen, "Temperature sensitive photoconductivity observed in InN layers"----Applied Physics Letters 102, 072103 (2013).

** Y.W. Zhang, X.Q. Wang*, X. Zheng, G. Chen, D.Y. Ma, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, W.K. Ge and B. Shen, Effect of grain boundary scattering on electron mobility of N-polarity InN films", ----Applied physics Express 6, 021001 (2013).

** Y.N. Yang, X.Q. Wang*, L.W. Lu, C.C. Huang, F.J. Xu and B. Shen "Surface states of InAlN film grown by MOCVD" ----Acta Physica Sinica 62(17), 177302 (2013).

** C.T. Lee, Y.S, Chiu, X.Q. Wang "Performance enhancement mechanisms of passivated InN/GaN heterostructured ion-selective field-effect-transistor pH sensors" ----Sensors and Actuators B 181, 810 (2013).

** M. Lozach, S. Ueda, S. Liu, H. Yoshikawa, L. Sang, X.Q. Wang, B. Shen, K. Sakoda, K. Kobayashi and M. Sumiya "Determination of the surface band bending in InGaN films by hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy" ----Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater 14, 015007, (2013).

** S. Schoche, T. Hofmann, V. Darakchieva, N. B. Sedrine, X. Wang, A. Yoshikawa, and M. Schubert, "Infrared to vacuum-ultraviolet ellipsometry and optical Hall-effect study of free-charge carrier parameters in Mg-doped InN " ----J. Appl. Phys. 113, 013502 (2013).

** G. Staszczak, I. Gorczyca, T. Suski, X.W. Wang. N.E. Christensen, A. Svane, E. Dimakis, and T.D. Moustakas, "Photoluminsescence and pressure effects in short period InN/nGaN superlattices" ----J. Appl. Phys. 113, 123101 (2013).

** Y.W. Zhang, X.Q. Wang*, X. Zheng, G. Chen, D.Y. Ma, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, W.K. Ge and B. Shen, "Effect of grain boundary scattering on electron mobility of N-polarity InN films" ----Applied physics Express 6, 021001 (2013).

** D.Imani, Y. Ishitani, M. Fujiwara, X.Q. Wang, K. Kusakabe and A. Yoshikawa, "Analysis of Nonradiative Carrier Recombination Processes in InN Films by Mid-infrared Spectroscopy" ----Journal of Electronic Materials 42, No 5, 878 (2013).

** S.D. Liu, N. Tang, X.Q. Shen, J.X. Duan, F.C. Lu, X.L. Yang, F.J. Xu, X.Q. Wang, T. Ide, M. Shimizu, W.K. Ge and B. Shen, "Magnetotransport properties of high equivalent Al composition AlGaN/GaN heterostructures using AlN/GaN superlattice as a barrier" ----J. Appl. Phys. 114, 033706 (2013).

 Publication 2012

** X.Q. Wang, S.T. Liu, D. Ma, X. Zheng, G. Chen, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, B. Shen, P. Zhang, X.Z. Cao, B.Y. Wang, S. Huang, K.J. Chen, S.Q. Zhou and A. Yoshikawa, “Fe-doped InN layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy”---- Applied Physics Letters 101, 171905 (2012).

** X.Q. Wang, S.T Liu, N. Ma. L, Feng, G. Chen, F. Xu, N. Tang, S. Huang, K. Chen, S. Zhou and B. Shen, “High electron mobility InN layers grown by boundary-temperature-controlled epitaxy” ----Applied physics Express 5, 015502 (2012).

** N. Ma, B. Shen, L.W. Lu, F.J. Xu, L. Guo, X.Q. Wang, F. Lin, Z.H. Feng, S.B. Dun, and B. Liu, “Boundary-enhanced momentum relaxation of longitudinal optical phonons in GaN” ----Applied Physics Letters 100, 052109 (2012).

** F.H. Mei, N. Tang*, X. Q. Wang*, J. X. Duan, S. Zhang, Y. H. Chen, W. K. Ge, and B. Shen*, "Detection of spin-orbit coupling of surface electron layer via reciprocal spin Hall effect in InN films" ----Applied Physics Letters 101, 132404, (2012).

** Jiaming Wang, Fujun Xu, Chengcheng Huang, Zhengyu Xu, Xia Zhang, Yan Wang, Weikun Ge, Xinqiang Wang, Zhijian Yang, Bo Shen, Wei Li, Weiying Wang and Peng Jin, “Indium compositional homogeneity in In0.17Al0.83N epilayers grown by metal organic vapor deposition” ----Applied physics Express, 5, 101002,( 2012).

** A. Uedono, S. Ishibashi, T. Watanabe1, X. Q. Wang, S. T. Liu, G. Chen, L. W. Sang, M. Sumiya, and B. Shen, “Vacancy-type defects in InxGa1-xN alloys probed using a monoenergetic positron beam” ----J. Appl. Phys. 112, 014507,( 2012).

** L.H. Dmowski, M. Baj, L. Konczewicz, T. Suski1, D. K. Maude, S. Grzanka1, X. Q. Wang, and A. Yoshikawa, “Coexistence of free holes and electrons in InN:Mg with In- and N-growth polarities” ----J. Appl. Phys. 111, 093719, ( 2012).

** Daichi Imai, Yoshihiro Ishitani, Masay uki Fujiwa ra1, Xinqiang Wang, Kazuhi de Kusaka be,and Akih iko Yos hikawa, "carrier recombination processes in In-polar and N-polar p-type InN films" ----Phys. State Solidi B, 249, 472, ( 2012).

** F.F. Cheng, T. Fa, X.Q. Wang, S.D.Yao, Dislocation and elastic strain in an InN film characterized by synchrotron radiation x-ray diffraction and rutherform backscattering/channeling ----Chin. Phys. Lett. 29, 026101, ( 2012).

** C.C. Huang, F.J. Xu, J. Song, Z.Y. Xu, J.M. Wang, R. Zhu, G. Chen, X.Q. Wang, Z.J. Yang, B. Shen, X.S. Chen, and W. Lu, "Different strain relief behaviors in AlGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells on GaN/sapphire templates with AlN/GaN supperlattices and low-temperature AlN interlayers" ----Journal of Applied Physics 111, 016105 (2012).

 Publication 2011

** S.T. Liu, X.Q. Wang, G. Chen, Y.W. Zhang, L. Feng, C.C. Huang, F.J. Xu, N. Tang, L.W. Sang, M. Sumiya, and B. Shen, "Temperature-controlled epitaxy of InxGa1-xN alloys and their band gap bowing"---- Journal of Applied Physics 110, 113514 (2011).

** N. Ma, X.Q. Wang, S.T. Liu, L. Feng, G. Chen, F.J. Xu, N. Tang and B. Shen, “Deep donor state in InN:Temperature-dependent electron transport in the electron accumulation layers and its influence on Hall-effect measurements”---- Applied Physics Letters 99, 182107 (2011).

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** H.Y. Wang, G.Z. Zhao and X.Q. Wang, "Terahertz radiations from narrow band gap of semiconductor irradiated by femtosecond pulses with different pump intensities" ----Acta Phys. Sin. 60, 043202 (2011).

 Publication 2010

** X. Q. Wang, G. Z. Zhao, Q. Zhang, Y. Ishitani, A. Yoshikawa, and B. Shen, "Effect of Mg-doping on enhancement of terahertz emission from InN with different lattice polarities"----Applied Physics Letters 96,061907 (2010).

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 Publication 2009

** Q. Zhang, X. Q. Wang*, X. W. He, C. M. Yin, F. J. Xu, B. Shen*,Y. H. Chen, Z. G. Wang, Y. Ishitani, and A. Yoshikawa, "Lattice polarity detection of InN by circular photogalvanic effect" ----Applied Physics Letters 95,031902 (2009).

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