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Main positions:Assistant Professor
Degree:Doctoral degree
School/Department:School of Earth and Space Sciences

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Gender: Male

Education Level: With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Administrative Position: Assistant Professor

Alma Mater: University of Colorado



Dr. Zhang obtained his Bachelor and Master degrees of geophysics from Peking University in 2000 and 2004. He continued his study at University of Toronto, and gained his PhD at University of Colorado in 2011. He continued his researches at Brown University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute from 2011-2015. Since 2015, he has been appointed as an assistant professor in Peking University. He ...

  • Education
  • Work Experience

[1]  2006.1 to 2011.4
University of Colorado  | Solid Earth Physics  | Doctoral degree  | A PhD student in graduate school
[2]  2003.9 to 2005.12
University of Toronto  | Solid Earth Physics  | Master's Degree  | Master's degree completion
[3]  1996.9 to 2001.6
Peking University  | Seismic Geology  | Bachelor's Degree in Science  | Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)

[1]   2011.5  to  2013.12
Brown University  | Department of Geology  | Postdoctoral Fellow
Research on planetary sciences 
[2]   2014.1  to  2015.8
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute  | Department of Geology & Geophysics  | Postdoctoral Investigator
Research on melt segregation and two-phase flow  
[3]   2015.10  to  2018.12
Curtin University  | Department of Applied Geology  | Adjunct Research Fellow
IGCP648 Project: Supercontinent Cycle