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Main positions:Project Leader of National Major R&D Program
Other Post:Associate Editor of Science Bulletin
Degree:Doctoral degree
School/Department:Institute of Condensed Matter and Material Physics, School of Physics, Peking University

Kaihui Liu


Gender: Male

Education Level: With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Administrative Position: Principal Investigator

Alma Mater: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Paper Publications

Patterning Graphene Films by H2O‐Based Magnetic-Assisted UV Photolysis

Impact Factor:0.0
Journal:ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Page Number:55382–55389
Translation or Not:no
Included Journals:SCI
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First Author:Shubin Su
Correspondence Author:Haihua Tao
All the Authors:Hao Li,Jingxian Huang,Zhibin Zhang,Chenhui Liang,Wenxiang Jiang,Aolin Deng,Kaihui Liu,Zhiwen Shi,Dong Qian
Date of Publication:2020-11-23