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Main positions:Project Leader of National Major R&D Program
Other Post:Associate Editor of Science Bulletin
Degree:Doctoral degree
School/Department:Institute of Condensed Matter and Material Physics, School of Physics, Peking University

Kaihui Liu


Gender: Male

Education Level: With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Administrative Position: Principal Investigator

Alma Mater: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Field

Current position: Home / Scientific Research / Research Field


Kaihui Liu's group has been long engaged in studying growth mechanism and spectral physics for low-dimensional materials. We independently designed the meter-scale single-crystal manufacturing equipment, built the single nano-object level in-situ optical characterization system and developed two-dimensional material composite fibers for all-fiber integration devices. We have made several important progresses, including (1) realizing surficial and interfacial engineering of the growth of 2D materials; (2) developing global methods of synthesizing meter-sized single-crystal films; (3) fabricating structure-dependent devices. Professor Liu has published more than 100 scientific journals, including correspondence-authored Nature (2), Nature Nanotechnology (2), Nature Photonics (2), Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications (4), Advanced Materials (10), JACS (2), Nano Letters (6), PNAS and Science Bulletin.

Current research interests

(1) Surficial and interfacial engineering of the growth mechanism of 2D materials

(2) Global technology of synthesizing meter-sized single-crystal films

(3) Advanced nano-spectroscopy characterization techniques

(4) Development of high-performance photoelectric detection and acoustic equipment

Position Opening

1-2 graduate students each year; 1-2 postdoc;

independent research project for undergraduates.