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Personal Information:


Hong Mei


Gender: Male

Society and industry

1. President of China Computer Federation (2020-present, CCF is the largest CS research community in China, with over 70,000 professional members till 2020)

2. One of ten members of the Academic Advisory Board of Alibaba DAMO Academy (2017-present)

3. Director of CCF Task Force on Big Data (2016 - 2020)

4. Member of the 6th Panel for Information Technology Science Award of CAS Tan Kah Kee Science Award Foundation (2014-2018)

5. Vice President of Chinese Software Industry Association (CSIA) (2012-2016)

6. Standing Director (2012-2017), Vice President (2015-2017) of Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE)

7. Director of Technical Committee of System Software Society of CCF (2008 - 2015)

8. Director of the Software Engineering Branch of Chinese Software Industry Association (CSIA) (2004-2016)

9. Standing Director of China Computer Federation (CCF) (2004-2011)

10. Member of the IFIP Working Group of CIE (2002-2005)

11. Director of Technical Committee of Software Engineering of China Computer Federation (CCF) (2001-2008)

12. Consultant of Bell Labs Research China (2001-2008)

13. Associate Director of the Working Group for Young Membership of CCF (2000-2004)