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Hong Mei


Gender: Male


Current position: 英文主页 / Awards and honors / Honors

(1)   2022 ACM Fellow

(2)   2022 TAN KAH KEE Science Award (Information Technological Sciences)

(3)   2020 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Synergy Award

(4)   2018 Foreign Member of the Academia Europaea

(5)   2016 Fellow of Chinese Institute of Electronics

(6)   2015 IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award (issued in January, 2016)

(7)   2015 IEEE Computer Society Meritorious Service Award

(8)   2015 IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award

(9)   2014 IEEE Fellow

(10)  2013 Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences: for the advancement of science in developing countries

(11)  2012 HO LEUNG HO LEE FOUNDATION Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress

(12)  2011 Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

(13)  2010 Fellow of China Computer Federation (one of the first 10 elected)

(14)  2008 The Outstanding Contribution Award---the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee

(15) 2008 Chief Scientist of Project of the National Basic Research Program of China (973) - Research on Networked Complex Software: Quality and Confidence Assurance, Development Method, and Runtime Mechanism (2009CB320700)

(16) 2008 The National Science Fund for Creative Research Groups--- National Natural Science FoundationPrincipal Investigator

(17) 2006 National Distinguished Scholar---the State Ministry of Personnel

(18) 2005 "Chang Jiang Scholars Program" Professor---the State Ministry of Education

(19) 2005 National Award for Distinguished Post-doctoral Researchers in China---the State Ministry of Personnel

(20) 2004 National Award for Young Scientists and Engineers in China---the State Ministry of Personnel and China Association of Science and Technology

(21) 2002 Chief Scientist of Project of the National Basic Research Program of China (973) - Research on theory and methodology of agent-based middleware on Internet Platform (2002CB312000)

(22) 2001 Special award for Excellent Faulty--- Peking University

(23) 2001 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China---National Natural Science Foundation

(24) 2000 Special Government Bonus for Excellent Scientists---the State Ministry of Personnel

(25) 1998 "Guoshi" award for Excellent Post-doctoral Researchers---the Post-doctoral Foundation of China

(26) 1997 Zhongchuang's award for Young Software Scientists---Zhongchuang Software Corp.

(27) 1997 Huo Yingdong Foundation's award for Young Scientists---State Education Commission

(28) 1996 Excellent Young Researcher Award---Peking University

(29) 1995 Special award for Excellent Researchers in the 8th State Five-Year-Plan---MEI

(30) 1994 Excellent Young Researcher Award---Peking University