Yongyun Hu

Alma Mater:University of Chicago

[MORE] Honors and Titles:

2015-01-01 elected: Second Prize of Natural Science Award, Ministry of Education

2013-07-01 elected: Award of Outstanding PhD thesis Advisor, Peking University

2010-01-01 elected: Recipient of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

2009-01-01 elected: Zhao Jiuzhang Award for Outstanding Young Scientists

2005-01-01 elected: Outstanding Young Scientist of the New Century, Ministry of Education

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My research interests cover broad areas in present, past and planetary climates. We aim at studying fundamental and frontier problems of Earth and planetary climates. My philosophy is to treat the Earth climate as an integrated and dynamic system, which receives energy from solar radiation, dynamically evolves throughout fluid motions, and involves the interplay of the atmosphere and ocean with the interior of Earth. My approach to these problems is to combine observational data analyses, numerical simulations, and theoretical studies.

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