Booklet for School

Handbook for 2014 CTEQ summer school

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Dear friends, 

Welcome to Peking University!

In order to make your stay enjoyable and convenient, please be aware of the following notes:


You will be accommodated in Building #1 of Zhongguanyuan Global Village (中关新园1号楼) near campus.

Phone call (which is made in the hotel room)

1. If you need to contact classmates inside the Hotel, please dial the 5-digit room number directly, phone calls between hotel rooms are free. 

2. Local calls (fixed-line phone or mobile phone within Beijing), please dial '0' and then the number. Duration of local calls for less than 2 hours each day will be free.

3. Domestic long distance calls (Outside of Beijing but within China), please dial '00' and then the number. (0.77RMB/minute)

4. International long distance calls, please dial '000' and then the number. (8.8RMB/minute)

5. Comparing to making phone calls in the hotel, it is much cheaper to use IP cards. And these cards can be bought in campus. 


Breakfast is available on the second Floor (6:30-9:30am) in Building #1 of Zhongguanyuan Global Village.

Laundry(charged service)

Cleaning service is available in your hotel. You could put the clothes in the laundry bag in your room and give it to the hotel staff.


Free wire internet access is available in your hotel room.

Money Exchange

On the way to Peking University from the hotel stand two banks: Bank of Beijing (北京银行) & China Minsheng Bank (中国民生银行). Please bring your passport when you exchange the money. If you would like to use credit cards to withdraw cash (RMB)from ATM, check if there is a sign that is the same with the one on your card. 


All day lectures will be given in Moonlight Hall of Yingjie Exchange Centre (英杰交流中心月光厅). 

(Shown on the map labeled as 1) 

All night cap will be held in the Lakeview Hall of Zhongguanyuan Global Village 

(Shown on the map labeled as 2)

(click on the map to see details)


Emergency Contacts

Zhongguanyuan Global Village (中关新园) 

Tel: 62752288

Ms. Rayna Li 

Tel (Office):62759840; Cell:18689610999 

Enjoy your time in Beijing!

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us.

Dining Directions

On Campus

Lunch, Foods in most cafeterias on campus require campus card. According to the new regulation of Peking University, cash can be used directly only at the 2nd floor of YiYuan (艺园) and the 3rd floor of Nongyuan (农园). Also there are some mini-mart and shops in campus, such as SUBWAY near Boshi Mini-mart (博实超市),where you can buy food directly.

Dinner, buffet at Times Restaurant in the Zhongguanyuan Global Village (Shown on the map labeled as 3) 

Near Campus

Restaurants near campus are neat, cheap and tasty. However, the service may not be excellent, and sometimes they are crowded. You may have difficulty in ordering if you do not speak Chinese. Still, it is a good choice to have a quick lunch there. 

There are some restaurants along the road opposite the south gate of PKU, and most of them serve Chinese food. Among them are DaiJia (傣家云南米线 )in Yunnan Style, Yipinxiaolong (一品小笼)famous of beam meat bun, etc. (Shown on the restaurant map labeled as A)

Go out of the residential subdistrict in which the hotel stands, go east along the Chengfu Road成府路about 500meters to LanQiYing area(蓝旗营), you will find some Chinese restaurants serving Yunnan food, Sichuan food, hot-pots, porridge and bar etc. (Shown on the restaurant map labeled as B)

If you find the above not attractive enough, you can go a little farther. Walk along the road towards east for about 500-1000 meters to the area of WuDaoKou(五道口),dozens of restaurants in various styles will be within your sight. If you like to have a taste of family food, KFC (肯德基) and Pizza Hut (必胜客) can also be found there. There are also some coffee houses and Korean restaurants. Go and have a try; and they will not fail you. (Shown on the restaurant map labeled as C)

Local Restaurants

If you have both time and interest to venture into the city, the following restaurants are recommended. More expensive as they might be, you will find them worth going. 

Chinese Food

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant 


As the most famous duck restaurant in the city, Quanjude has been serving duck since 1864.

Address:1st floor, Technological Building A, Tsinghua Technological Garden of East Road of Zhongguancun (South Gate of Tsinghua University) 


Tel: 8215001 882151015 (Reservation advised)

Donglaishun Hot-pot Restaurant 


Address: #198, Wangfujing Street 东城区王府井大街198号

Tel: 65139661 (Reservation advised)

Laoshe Tea House


You can enjoy traditional Chinese performing arts like magic shows, puppetry, “cross talk”, and Peking Opera at 7:50pm-9:30pm every evening as well as delicious local snacks.

Address: 3 Qianmen Xi Da Jie, Xuanwu District宣武区前门西大街正阳市场三号楼

Tel: 63036830(Reservation required)

Lvseloulan Xinjiang Halal Restaurant 


Address: Xibeiwang, Haidian District (Inside the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development) 海淀区西北旺药用植物研究院内

Tel: 62817506

Other Food

Banana Leaf Thailand Cuisine Restaurant


Address: South Side, B Enter, Zhongguancun Shopping Center, Haidian District 


Tel: 59863666

Moscow Restaurant 


Address: #135, Xizhimenwai Da Jie, Xicheng District 西城区西直门外北京展览馆院内 

Tel: 68354454/68353713(Reservation advised)


Ordering food is not a problem for foreigners at big restaurants because the waiters speak English and the menu is in English. But in small restaurants, it may be a difficult job. Some of them will provide you with the pictures of the dishes, but when they do not, an easiest way is to ask the restaurant to make recommendations of their own delicacies, or let them point to your phrasebook to tell you the ingredients of the dishes, and a third way is to point to what the others are eating. It is suggested that you ask for a detailed bill and keep the receipt.

(Restaurant map, click on the map to see details)


Useful Chinese Notes


Peking University 北京大学

Capital International Airport 首都国际机场

Bldg. #9 Zhongguanyuan Global Village, PKU 北京大学中关新园9号楼 (海淀区中关村北大街126号, 沿中关村北大街,由方正大厦南侧路口右转直行到头,左边的楼既是)

Palace Museum 故宫 

Summer Palace 颐和园

Tian’ anmen Square 天安门广场 

Silk Street 秀水街

Cultural Street 琉璃厂

Wang Fujing Street 王府井大街

Temple of Heaven 天坛

Pearl Market 红桥市场

The Great Wall 慕田峪长城

Lama Temple 雍和宫

Chao Yang Theater 朝阳剧场

798 Art District 798艺术区

Bar streets: The bar street beside lake (Houhai Bar Street) 后海酒吧街

The bar street near the Workers’ Stadium (Gongti Bar Street) 工体酒吧街


Pork 猪肉 (zhu rou) 

Beef 牛肉 (niu rou)

Lamb羊肉 (yang rou)

Chicken鸡肉 (ji rou)

Rice 米饭 (mi fan)

Noodle 面条 (mian tiao)

Dumpling 饺子 (jiao zi)

Vegetables 蔬菜 (shu cai) 

I am vegetarian, no meat. 我是素食者,不吃肉


Pepsi 百事可乐

Diet Coke 健怡可乐 

Sprite 雪碧

Useful Expressions:

1. Please take me to… 请送我到…(Qing song wo dao)

2. I would like to buy…我想买…(Wo xiang mai…)

3. How much is it? 多少钱?(Duo shao qian)

4. Can I use the telephone please?

   我能用一下电话吗?(Wo neng yong yi xia dian hua ma?) 

5. Good morning. 早上好(Zao shang hao)

6. Goodbye. 再见 (Zai jian)

7. Thank you. 谢谢(Xie xie)

8. Sorry. 对不起 (Dui bu qi)


The pharmacy and the university hospital are on campus, which are near your hotel (shown on the map). If you do feel uncomfortable, please contact us, go to the university hospital or contact International SOS (SOS国际救援中心,Tel:64629100).


Taxi: The price is ¥2.3/km. This price would be 50% higher after 15 km or during the nighttime (11pm-5am). The initial price will be ¥13 before 11pm, and it will be 20% up base on the initial price from 11pm to 5am. Standard fuel surcharge ¥1 is required when you taking a taxi. It’s suggested to keep the receipt in case you lose something in the car or have any complaint.

Subway: You can take subway Line 4, get off at the stop of East Gate of Peking University(北京大学东门站), and exit from C or D to get back to hotel.

Check Out

Please check out before 12:00pm. The check-out after 12:00pm will be charged another half day’s room rate.


1. Don’t buy sword, katana, etc. Those can neither be mailed nor pass the security check of China Custom at the airport.

2. Don’t lose your room card. You would be charged ¥50 if you lose it.

3. Don’t drink directly from the faucet. Make sure that tap water is boiled before drinking. Bottles of pure/mineral water are available at mini-marts or shops on campus and in the hotel.


1. Be careful of the food’s quality, and eat clean food. The food sold at the roadside may not be clean or fresh.

2. Drink enough water when you are outside in order to avoid sunstroke. Summer in Beijing is humidly hot and the sunlight is strong.

3. Go out accompanied by friends, especially at night.

4. Take care of your passport, valuables, and always place your bag in front of you especially when the street is crowded.