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Xiaofei Yang


Academic Title:Assistant Professor

Degree:Doctoral degree


School/Department:School of Physics

Research Group

Current position: Home / Research Group

Name of Research Group:Experimental Nuclear Physics: Laser Spectroscopy and Nuclear properties

Description of Research Group:Investigating the exotic nuclear properties and structure of unstable nuclei far from the β-stability line remains a cornerstone of nuclear physics research. This has been triggered continuously by the unexpected phenomena observed in nuclei with an unusual proton to neutron ratio. Some examples are the changes of magic numbers, the inversion or intrusion of quantum orbits, halo and cluster structures, exotic nuclear shapes and so on, which were investigated under the joint effort of experimental and theoretical nuclear physicists. Laser spectroscopy, as one of the powerful experimental tools, has made significant contribution to investigate the afore-mentioned nuclear phenomena. This is realized by measuring multiple nuclear properties in a nuclear-model-independent way, such as nuclear spins, magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments and charge radii. Although standard laser spectroscopy techniques have been established at various facilities around the world, more advanced techniques are continuously needed, especially for high resolution and high efficiency measurement of exotic isotopes at very low production yield, which allows the exploration of new nuclear structure and dynamics in the vicinity of the nuclear driplines. Our research interests have been focused on the development of such high-precision and high sensitivity laser spectroscopy techniques and the associated exotic nuclear structure studies of unstable nuclei being pushed closer towards the proton and neutron-dripline.